Immunology & Allergy Consultation

Allergy, Autoimmune disease, Immunodeficiency, Rheumatic disorders

Skin Prick Testing

Environmental allergy and food allergies


  • Subcutaneous, sub lingual and oral administration
  • Environmental allergy and sting allergy

Dr Hettiarachchi’s Practice Area

Dr Hettiarachchi practices in various immunological, autoimmune and allergic disorders, such as food allergy,
insect allergy, anaphylaxis, allergic rhinitis and allergic asthma as well as chronic urticaria.

Also, autoimmune disease such as vasculitis and connective tissue diseases including Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, Sjogren’s syndrome, Scleroderma and various other autoimmune diseases. ‘Immunodeficiency disease’ includes acquired and inherited immunodeficiency disorders.

Her subspecialty interests are vasculitis, connective tissue diseases, rheumatic disorders, chronic urticaria and allergic rhinitis. She is extending her practice with rheumatic disorders and updates her knowledge with national and international conferences and continuing research.

Dr Hettiarachchi’s Experience

Dr Hettiarachchi completed her training in various tertiary care hospitals including Westmead Hospital in Sydney, John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle and Canberra Hospital in the Australian Capital Territory.

Dr Hettiarachchi holds admitting rights to Gosford Private
Hospital. She has obtained admitting rights at Maitland
Private Hospital and started consulting at suite 10,
Maitland Private Hospital early in 2018.

Both adult and paediatric patients (above 8 years) will be seen at Maitland.

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