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Our Approach

We provide our services in collaboration with Maitland, Toronto and Lingard Private hospitals and VMO to all three Hospitals to provide inpatient care services, day admissions, immunoglobulin transfusion and biologic therapy.

Medical imaging services and pathology services are on site. Because we are in the specialist medical centre patients can be referred to various other sub specialists services including ENT, Sleep studies, general surgery, gastroenterology, cardiology, haematology and rehabilitation.

Our Story

We started our practice in late 2017 to provide our services to Newcastle, Port Stephen and Hunter Valley regions. Dr. Malanie Hettiarachchi is the specialist consultant providing Immunology and Allergy consultation who is a fellow of Royal Australasian College of Physicians and a member of Australian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy(ASCIA). It is pleased to inform that we have an experienced dietician joined with our team in 2019 to provide dietary advice to the patients with food allergy, intolerence and auto immune dieseases.

Meet the Specialist

Dr Malanie Hettiarachchi is a clinical immunologist and allergist, working in the private sector. She obtained her Bachler of Medicine and Bachler of Surgery at University of Colombo in Sri Lanka. She completed her Australian Medical Council certificate in 2004 and then obtained her Internal Medicine Fellowship qualification from the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, subspecialty in clinical Immunology and Allergy in 2014. Dr Hettiarachchi is a conjoint lecturer at University of Newcastle and a member of the Academy of Clinical Educators (ACE).


                                  Dr. Malanie Hettiarachchi

Meet the Dietitian

Mrs. Nicole West is an experienced  dietitian, working in the private sector. She obtained her Bachler of Science (Nutrition & Dietetics) at University of Newcastle. She is a member of DAA.

I have always had an interest in health and wellbeing. All aspects of my life involved food and the science behind the food. From my family perspective I had a grandmother with Type 1 diabetes and other auto immune conditions (since her childhood) who was always governed by her blood glucose control, meal times and foods to avoid, I understood from an early age that food affects your body. So I found myself enrolling to become a dietitian at Newcastle University to better understand the role food as medicine plays.

In clinic I am dedicated to providing accurate nutrition information. I aim to support patients throughout their food and nutrition journey. My back ground includes General Surgery, Weight Loss Surgery, PCOS, Insulin Resistance, Diabetes, Food Intolerances and Allergies.

Our locations…

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